The Challenge



We want to invite you to join us for the Five Dates Challenge. Think of this as a gigantic group date where everyone who has purchased Five Dates will be participating.

Here's how it works: 
1. Commit to going on 5 dates over 5 weeks.
2. Do the pre-work in your workbooks.
3. Go on your date.
4. Discuss each topic for at least 15 minutes. 
5. Post a photo on your date and tag it: #FIVEDATESCHALLENGE

When you post your photo you can:
1. Share where you went on your date.
2. Share a helpful tip for other couples.
3. Just post a photo.
4. Tell us how you first met.
5. Share how long you've been dating.

We will also be taking the challenge with you and posting our photos and also sharing your photos on social media.

We're so excited to do this with all of you as we commit to making our relationships stronger.


Date One: Being Present

On this date we share about creating "relational nowness" and being present with your partner. Most couples are moving so fast and life is so complex that they forget to slow down and be in the moment with their partner.

As part of the Five Dates Challenge, we went to lunch at "Lemonade" at UTC in San Diego. Mike had a grilled cheese sandwich and Jennifer had a poke bowl. Remember, your dates can be really simple and cheap. This one cost us less than $20. Ha!


date 1 pic.jpg

Date Two: Talk Styles

On this date we talk about how men and women communicate differently. We call it the "sofa" and "step stool" style. If you can be aware of your partner's talk style you can create some powerful connection.

As we continued on the Five Dates Challenge, we met in a fancy hotel lobby. Yes, another cheap date. Ha! They had a nice fireplace nearby and a comfy couch. It made for a great conversation. 


Date Three:

On this date we talk about how gratitude and giving the benefit of the doubt to each other is incredibly important to a thriving relationship.

This date brought us to the happiest place on Earth...Disneyland.