The L-O-V-E Method Of Communication
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Satisfying relationships involve conversations about feelings, hopes, dreams and disappointments. But most couples have a hard time talingk about these things with each other. It is why we created “Five Dates” and the “Playbook For Couples.”

Another great tool to help you talk about your feelings is to use the L-O-V-E Method. It’s a simple framework to talk about the things that matter.

Here’s what it looks like:

L - Listen
O - Open heart and mind.
V - Validate each other.
E - Express feelings simply. 

Listen: Good communication always starts with good listening. Instead of responding, criticizing or trying to make your point, listen to what your partner is trying to communicate to you.

Open: Being open means I put aside any of my judgments or initial biases. It means I am humble enough to learn something that I may not be aware of.

Validate: Instead of responding too quickly to what your partner is saying, take a moment and validate their point of view. Acknowledge that you understand their point of view. Avoid saying, “That’s ridiculous!” or “I reject that belief.”

Express: Disclosing things to your partner in a strategic way is critical. Pick the right time and place to have these important conversations. How you express yourself matters A LOT! Be aware of your tone, posture and that you express yourself in a calm and simple way.

Let these four values guide your conversations and you are guaranteed to have awesome dialogue with each other. You will reduce conflict, the fights will stop and your relationship will thrive as you talk about the things that really matter.

Learn the 4 questions every couple must answer each week in our “Playbook For Couples”

Mike Foster
The Secret to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Marriage Will Surprise You
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You might think the secret to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s marriage is luxurious, resort vacations. Or the secret is touring together with people singing along to their songs among dazzling lights. Or you might think it’s that they’re simply keeping the family healthy and happy. Nope!


The country superstars shared with People Magazine recently the secret to their romance can be boiled down to 2 key things:

1. Regular date nights
2. Praying together


Faith Hill opened up about their prayer life by saying, "Tim and I share a quick quiet moment together before hitting the stage…always praying."

As for dates, whether it’s watching Springsteen on Broadway in New York City or staying home to watch TV in their pajamas, this powerhouse couple knows how meaningful date nights are for a healthy and flourishing marriage.

The best part is that you don’t have to be Tim McGraw or Faith Hill to have a successful relationship. You can start doing these things today.


Designing intentional time together is why my wife Jennifer created our couple's workbook called "Five Dates." It equips you and your partner to build a strong and meaningful relationship even with a small 10 minute investment each week. We've been doing this in our relationship for 28 years. It's a simple thing with a HUGE benefit!



These fun and simple workbooks are for dating, engaged and married couples. It's for couples who are just starting out or who have been together for decades.

Good things happen when we get intentional. You too can build a strong and enduring relationship like Tim and Faith with just a few extra minutes each week. Make the decision today to build the relationship you've always dreamed about. 


Created by Mike and Jennifer Foster and based on decades of relational research, these fun and creative workbooks will help you create lasting togetherness in your relationship. With an extra 10-minutes a week, "Five Dates" will equip you with the tools to build the relationship you have always wanted. Perfect for dating, engaged or married couples.

Mike Foster
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We just got home from speaking at a Chick-fil-a Marriage Adventure in the Caribbean. It was so much fun spending time with couples from all over the country! Unfortunately, no waffle fries or chicken sandwiches came on the trip :)

While we were there, we asked couples about the strategies they use to connect each week.

Jennifer and I use these four helpful questions as our framework. We ask each other:

1. What brought you joy this week?

2. What was a challenge for you this week?

3. Do we have any unresolved conflict in our relationship?

4. What is one thing I can do for you this week?

Mike Foster
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According to a recent study, a compliment can have the same effect on your brain chemistry as a cash bonus. Kinda crazy right?

Professor Norihiro Sadato from the National Institute for Physiological Sciences said: 

“To the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded with money.” 

So, if you want to enrich those you love, while also rewarding the qualities you value, hand out compliments. Praise pays.

Mike Foster